Rail Passengers Association


Rail Passengers Association confers awards on those who further the development of passenger rail.

Rail Passengers Association confers awards on those who further the development of passenger rail.

Golden Spike Award

Dating back to the 1960s, NARP’s Golden Spike honors work done to advance the cause of a robust national rail system in the U.S. It has been given to celebrities, elected officials, and others who have made important contributions to passenger rail service.

John R. Martin Passenger Train Advocacy Award

This award, named after the late long-time (volunteer) President of NARP, is given at the sole discretion of the Chairman and President of NARP to individuals who have given many years of exceptional service to our cause and to America's rail travelers.

Youth Passenger Citizenship Award

This award is given on occasion to students and young people who demonstrate exceptional leadership, initiative, or passion in making meaningful improvements in the train travel experience or in citizen advocacy for an expanded and improved passenger train network.

Tracks to the Future Leadership Award

NARP presents this award on occasion to individuals and organizations, including governments and agencies, that have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their commitment to constantly improving and expanding rail-based transportation options for the people of a given city, county, state or region.

NARP Academic Award

The NARP Academic Award, established in 2011, is to be given annually to university and college professors who have an excellent record in developing and promoting knowledge about and progress of passenger train transportation in the United States and Canada.

Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award

The Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award is an annual award from the Burch Family to the railroad worker who has done the most to improve the safety of railroad passengers. The award is bestowed in memory of Dr. Burch, one of eight passengers who died in 1991 when Amtrak's Silver Star derailed.

Ross Capon Citizens Advocacy Award

Named in honor of Ross Capon, who served in leadership roles for the Association for almost 40-years, the award pays tribute to Ross’ focus to engage and mobilize the citizen advocate.