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NARP Welcomes New Team Member Aboard

August 15, 2013

Written By Sean Jeans Gail

Earlier this month, NARP was pleased to grant one of our summer interns, Logan McLeod, a full time position with the Association. As Director of Development, Logan will integral role in strategic planning and the development of the membership fundraising, expanding NARP’s ability to more effectively represent passenger train users and bring about new passenger train routes and frequencies, and modernize existing services. We’re pleased to have him aboard, and look forward to having his ideas and his enthusiasm in helping NARP grow.

McLeod presents to the Amtrak Government Affairs department.
McLeod presents to the Amtrak Government Affairs department.

My name is Logan McLeod and I recently had the honor to work at National Association of Railroad Passengers for the past six weeks. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with Bachelor degrees in Public Communications and Political Science. Selling has always somehow been a part of my life. I owned and established a personal training business at the age of 20. In West Palm Beach, Florida, I developed a steady client base and participated in fundraising and community outreach programs. While going back to school I worked in Pharmaceutical sales. My success in sales came from my ability to create new strategies for our existing clients to sell more of our product. Learning how to market myself and others at a young age inspired me to become involved with helping people reach their goals, whether it was fitness or business related.

During this short period of time at NARP I have gained insight and knowledge into not only how a non-profit functions, but also how one can be so instrumental in making a difference. The mission at NARP is one that does not impact a few individuals, but many all across the nation. It’s future development and success is vital to creating an efficient means of transportation that this country so desperately needs. It was a privilege to have experienced the opportunity to work with NARP and all its members. I will never forget my engagement with NARP and am glad to be staying on as the new Director of Development. I consider it my duty to represent NARP and its members to the best of my ability.

My passion is politics and I hope to be part of the legislative process someday. My goal is to run for a congressional seat in either the House or the Senate. If appointed I vow to use rational thought and reason rather than emotion. My concern is not reelection and appeasing the majority. I will do what is right and best for the collective good of my constituents. One of the most pressing issues to date is the neglect of infrastructure in this country and the ignorance towards the need for an obvious reconstruction of mass transportation. This is the reason why I became involved with NARP. Passenger rail is my primary interest, specifically High Speed. It is not only vital to creating jobs and boosting the current economy, but also to the future success of generations to come.