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Revised NARP-Midwest HSR White Paper Depicts Value of National Network Trains

February 1, 2013

Written By Malcolm Kenton

NARP and the Midwest High-Speed Rail Association (MHSRA) unveiled Tuesday a revised version of our joint White Paper, “Long Distance Trains: A Foundation for American Mobility.” The original was released September 17, 2012.

Our goal with the paper is to transform the public image of long-distance trains, which is often colored by false stereotypes perpetuated by the popular culture. In reality, these trains serve multiple trip purposes in a single, highly-productive vehicle. Essentially, they are multiple corridors being served by one train. They also offer an attractive, safe, and convenient travel choice to people in many parts of the country who either cannot drive or fly, or for whom the alternatives are very expensive or difficult to access. They give freedom of mobility to small towns and rural areas, connecting them with the economic, medical, educational and cultural resources available in larger cities.

With this release, NARP is making an effort to get copies of this important fact-filled, yet accessible 15-page document into the hands of as many decision-makers, thought leaders and reporters as possible. Any NARP member who would like up to 5 copies mailed to them is invited to email us with that request. We will also be distributing the paper and one-page summaries of it to Capitol Hill offices as part of our Day on the Hill on April 23—for which you are welcome to join us.