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NARP Receives Large Bequest from George McCallum Estate

September 18, 2015

Release #15-20

For Immediate Release (#15-20)

Contact: Benet J. Wilson


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The National Association of Railroad Passengers has been honored with a bequest from the estate of long-time member George E. McCallum, the largest monetary gift ever received by the association.

"We are humbled and inspired to receive this wonderful gift, which will help NARP bring like-minded parties together across all political viewpoints to help advance the national conversation about rail service into a larger, forward-looking intermodal vision which we’re calling `A Connected America,’” said President and CEO Jim Mathews. “A Connected America links states and regions together with a high-quality, balanced intermodal and multimodal transportation system that serves all our citizens.”

George McCallum was committed to the importance of providing safe, reliable rail options as part of the U.S. multimodal transportation system. “He felt strongly that his gift would energize NARP and encourage its 28,000 members to continue their efforts to advocate on the federal, state and local level to ensure that our country has the public and private funding for future infrastructure projects,” said Mathews. “In the weeks and months ahead, NARP will be taking on new momentum and accelerating some of the initiatives begun under our new leadership team.”

Well in excess of $2 million, the gift’s exact amount will depend on the resolution of his estate, along with the final value of his investments. Disbursement of his funds will take a number of months, and there will be no immediate impact on NARP’s budget.

"As McCallum’s estate is finalized, we have already begun talking with our board of directors, our staff and our members on the most effective way to use this generous gift and ensure that it has an enduring legacy," said Mathews.

“This gift by George McCallum shows faith in NARP’s vision to create a safe and effective 21st century transportation network,” said NARP Board Chairman Robert J. Stewart. “This donation will go far in helping NARP work with other partners in efforts to encourage the government to invest in transportation, which will help create the conditions to attract private capital, kick-starting growth and strengthening our communities, states, regions, and ultimately our country.”

NARP hopes that the McCallum gift will inspire members to make their own donations and help push forward a broader conversation about funding a 21st century transportation network, said Mathews. “Government investments should be measured by their ability to catalyze local, state and regional efforts towards economic development, promote competitiveness and regional connectivity while preserving and growing a modern, multimodal 21st Century national transportation network,” he said.

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