Brand Guidelines


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The Rail Passengers Association unveiled its new brand in the Fall of 2017. The brand switch, from the National Association of Railroad Passengers, comes on the 50th anniversary of the organization’s founding. It heralds a new age of advocacy for rail passengers in North America. Just as Amtrak is officially, “The National Railroad Passenger Corporation,” Rail Passengers will continue to be the, “National Association of Railroad Passengers.”

At the same time, the new Rail Passengers brand is modern, simple, and human, focusing on passengers, as opposed to trains. After all, Rail Passengers represents people and serves to amplify their voices in the halls of power around this country.

The brand guidelines should be adhered to in all print or web elements which feature the Rail Passengers Association.

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Some of the key features of the brand include:


A brand is more than a logo, but a logo is a prominent feature of a brand. Our new logo, known as “The Window,” is reminiscent of a train window. It is designed to represent your views, the passenger’s view.


We know every passenger has a different perspective, expectations, and needs from train service in this country. That’s why our new logo is designed to be dynamic. There are infinite possibilities to use photos inside the rectangular shape of the logo--out the envisioned window.


We have members from all parts of this country and want to be able to represent each of them. We want to make sure passengers views are at the center of our association’s mission and work.

Below are some other examples for how our logo can be used in compliance with brand guidelines. Notice how the scenes change and different parts of the country are represented:




Graphic art


Varying tag lines, colors, and arrangements



Rail Passengers offer staff and members a variety of downloadable resources for use in all official communications, marketing and promotions materials. Please click here to login and access the materials which include:

  • Brand Guidelines (Downloadable document)

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In 1967, the National Association of Railroad Passengers was formed to protect the rights of all passengers in America. Since the formation of the Association, the logo has changed three times, each to better reflect their mission and advocacy. As you can see in the graphic above, the natural progression of the logo has transitioned from an image of a train to that of a train window to represent the views of the passenger, and what train travel means to them individually. Fifty years later, the Rail Passengers Association carries on the same traditions and advocacy, but looks to the future to enhance the technological and socio-economic advancements that passenger rail can bring.


The Rail Passengers Association reserves the right to hold those accountable for incorrectly using any of their logos or other trademarked products by the National Association of Railroad Passengers. By using any of these logos or products you agree to the terms of condition set forth by the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

If you have any questions about the brand, how to properly use these guidelines, or for permissions for third-party usage of the name and likeness of the Rail Passengers Association, please contact our main office in Washington, DC at (202) 408-8362.

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